How we do things


 1. Will be scheduled for a 2 week period only.  They will run from 5:00pm (EST) on a  Thursday and end on at 5:00 pm (EST) on a Wednesday.

2. Fundraising available  year around. Turn a round time for delivery is approximately  4 weeks from the fundraisers end date  ( please note if you start your fundraiser after August 15th the completion times can take longer as our busy time of year starts  August 15th and runs thru December 15th.

 3. Fundraisers must be set up 2 weeks prior to your start date 

4. Designs: Logos can be designed by LPB or if you have a logo made from another designer you must get written permission to use it if you dont own the rights to the design. Any designs that are trademarked or copyrighted must have written permission from the owner  

  5. Organization will receive between 20%  of the sale proceeds (after fees) earned during the fundraiser time frame.  Any orders placed after the fundraiser time frame will not qualify as fundraiser proceeds.

 6. All fundraiser items are delivered to the organization chair-head within 4-6 weeks* see above* of the fundraiser end date.  In the event that any items are back ordered- they will be delivered as soon as they become available. In Addition, it is the organizations responsibility to disperse  all orders. Any errors must be brought to LPB Designs attention with in 7 business days. Please note the only errors LPB is responsible for are if the size, color or design does not match the order on the form. Other wise it is up to the purchaser to reorder the correct item if so desired. Please see or Policy page for further details.

 7. Shipping fees are waived on all fundraiser items during fundraiser time period only.  In the event that any non-fundraiser items are included in your shopping cart at the time of order, shipping charges WILL apply for the non-fundraiser items and they will be shipped separately to the purchaser.  Any fundraiser items purchased after the end date of the fundraiser will also be charged shipping and said items will be shipped directly to you.

 8. For more information on setting up your next fundraiser, including pricing, products available, fundraising dates available and design creation, etc., please contact Nicky at